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Get Involved

Here's a list of service times and extra things you can become involved with! We would always love to hear from you, so please feel free to call or email us at any time if you have any questions.


Sunday Morning


Service begins at 10:30! Nursery opens at 10:15AM.

Missed breakfast? Stop by our café for a muffin and coffee or a latte!

Kids- We have classes for children of all ages on Sunday Mornings!

Nursery for 0-4 yrs. & Kid's Church for 5-12 yrs.

Sunday Night


Service begins at 7. Nursery is available and opens at 6:45PM.

Kingdom Men 5:45 | Men of On Fire meet every Sunday night at 5:45 to have a power-packed meeting with Pastor Chuck. This is a class filled with lessons of growth-not only Spiritually, but also being a better man in you everyday life.

Kingdom Women 5:45 | Ladies meet at the same time for a power driven prayer meeting. The Spirit is ushered in to prepare for Sunday night service though the prayers and warring of our ladies.

Generation Fire-After Worship | The youth of On Fire meet every Sunday night directly after worship, Pastor Adalid & Crystal Feliu teaches a powerful word directed to youth ages 13-19. This is a great way for you to meet more people your age and become more involved in you church community.

Mid-Week Services


Service begins at 7.

Join us on Wednesday nights for a powerful refreshing service to boost your faith for the remainder of the week. Nursery is available and opens at 6:45PM.

Thursday Night

Join us for a power-filled prayer meeting at 7 in our cafeteria! God shows up in mighty ways each week. Over 50 people attend this meeting and we'd love to see you there.

Kid's Ministry Poster (1).png
Kingdom Men

Every Sunday night, men join together for a one hour class before our night service. These classes are packed full of information and spiritual teachings to help individuals grow into the Man of God that they have always been intended to be. Interested in joining? Click the link below to be connected with a leader of this program and to let them know to expect you.

kingdom men.png

Volunteer Teams

Click on any areas that you are interested in to link you with someone who can help! Don't forget to add your name and phone number into the email.

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